Our Journey and company history.

History of Organic Center

Organic Center was founded by Sociopreneur, Arsilia Arsyadjuliandi, who believe in the potential Natural and Organic Food.

Organic Center is a producer of natural, organic, and gluten-free products and identifies itself as one of the leading diverse producers and distributors of natural foods. It produces more than 60 high quality and sophisticated healthy food products, which are available at small, local shops and modern supermarkets across the country.


“ With increase awareness in health and the environment, the public will be more concerned in choosing foods and food sources that are free of chemicals, preservatives, dyes and flavorings, so that the availability of organic products will increase and organic products on the market will be increasingly affordable.”


“ Center for producers, distributor and education centers in the field of Organic in Indonesia.”

About Indonesia’s Biodiversity

Indonesia’s rich biodiversity is a consequence of the archipelagic nation’s vast geographical expanse, with each region having its own distinctive soil and weather characteristics, providing home for different endemic creatures.

Currently state of Indonesia’s plant biodiversity has severely declined because of overexploitation and lack of sustainable agricultural practices. Therefore there’s a need for young generations to continuously conserved and cherish our ecological diversity. Organic Center Products are source locally thus our aim has been to help our local farmers to be sustainable.

The idea for chemical-free food products came from founder Arsilia’s personal experience with family members with autoimmune and severe allergy problems. The urgency to eat organic, non-processed foods has been the driving force behind Organic Center’s artisanal products, all of which are free from chemical preservatives, additives, and colours.

Because chemically processed foods are commonly found in modern markets, Organic Center’s goal is to provide alternatives for people who want to change their lifestyle by living well and eating healthy foods. Its products are wide ranging, so that there is almost always a healthy substitution to mass-produced, processed foods on the market.

We strive to Eliminate Poverty Through Real Food

Organic Center builds on a strong principle and believes that getting out of poverty starts with a healthy body and healthy mind. We strive to make Healthy and Affordable retail consumer goods food products available and affordable to everyone. Today we have over 100 SKU of products listed at supermarkets all over Indonesian archipelago. And we believe that good nutrition is the key to fight health related nutritional problem and poverty. Of course beside that we collaborate with local farmers and small enterprises in our supply chain, and this is also another way to fight of poverty through empowering small local businesses.

– Head Office: Jalan Sudirman no 468 Pekanbaru Riau

– Hanglekir V – Jakarta Selatan

– Office Park Thamrin City blok AB 06 Jl. KH. Mas Mansyur Kel. Kebon Melati Kec. Tanah Abang Jakarta Pusat


Our Product Quality
Organic Center continually develops new products in their R & D laboratory to meet consumers’ needs. Our aim is to make Indonesia healthy, and we sincerely believe everyone deserves high quality, organic, natural foods. This has been our commitment from the start !

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Ingredients Combination