Community Building

Organic Center Incubator Farm


OC products are the result of working hand in hand with the local communities of Farmers. Our Products are source Local in order to help revitalize local food source that are forgotten. We are proud of the origins of our ingredients as we source directly from our Local Indonesian Farmers in the hope to better their life and we invest on farmers through our Incubator Farm Program. We believe in quality products that are why we also help our farmers through education and partnering them with our Experts in agriculture. Incubator farm program have helped farmers in significant way that most of the farmers in our program has expand their farming activities to include getting various certifications and awards through their farming activities. From Farm to table we always believe that real food will save our society.

Organic Center SMEs Incubator

We provide free Booth Space at our Organic Center Cafeteria located just in front of our Head Quarter in Pekanbaru Riau for Small Scale Food Start Up.

CSR Team

Our dedicated CSR management Team provides advising to our SMEs as well as execute weekly CSR program.


Spotted in Stores

Our Organic Center products distributed to vast majority of stores available for people to buy.